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  • Who is The Vera Neumann Artwork Trust?
    The Vera Neumann Artwork Trust, created in October 2023 by Ms. Susan Seid, the former president and founder of The Vera Company and author of Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon, aims to honor Vera Neumann's legacy by making her artwork accessible to all. Ms. Seid established the trust for the benefit of her heirs and appointed her daughter, Ms. Tiffany Salyards, as the trustee. Vera believed fervently that fine art should be within reach of everyone. Despite her passing in 1993, her art has largely been inaccessible, stored away by various entities. The trust's primary objective is to remedy this by unveiling Vera's original artwork and vintage screen prints to the world. Currently, members of the trust are diligently engaged in the meticulous preservation and restoration of these historic pieces. Thanks to the collective efforts of our members, the trust is now making Vera's original artwork, and vintage screen prints available to the public, thereby realizing Vera's vision of art for all.
  • Do you reproduce Vera's work?
    No. The Vera Neumann Artwork Trust owns original artwork and vintage prints created by Vera Neumann. We do not reproduce any of her works.
  • Can I reproduce art I purchase through The Vera Neumann Artwork Trust or your resellers?
    Unfortunately, not. Vera's work is trademarked and copyrighted. If you are interested in reproducing Vera's work, please get in touch with Vera Neumann, Inc., who owns the copyrights at
  • How do I know your works are authentic? What's the provenance?
    Vera Neumann's [1907-1993] company and artworks, "Vera Licensing", were purchased by Salant Corporation in 1988 and assigned to Printex. Vera remained head designer, but Printex closed later that year. Vera painted until the last months of her life and died of a cardiac arrest at Phelps Memorial Hospital in North Tarrytown, NY on June 15, 1993. After her death, Vera continued to receive acclaim from museums and exhibits around the country. In 1999, Vera Licensing, including all original artwork and screen prints, was sold by Salant Corporation to The Tog Shop, a catalog company which had licensed sportswear from Vera Licensing. The Tog Shop was put up for sale in 2005 and Susan Seid, then the VP of Merchandising of The Tog Shop, bought the assets within Vera Licensing and placed the assets into "The Vera Company". In November 2013, the Licensing portion of the company was sold to VNIP Holdings, LLC: including, the licensing agreements, trademarks and copyrights; however, Ms. Seid maintained ownership of the original artwork and screen-printed posters. In October 2023, Ms. Seid created The Vera Neumann Artwork Trust, an irrevocable trust, and funded the trust with the original artwork and screen prints.
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