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This mid-century master silkscreen strike off, crafted by Vera Neumann in collaboration with designers and artists such as Perry Ellis and Walter Erhard, embodies a narrative-rich artwork. It transcends the traditional role of art as a mere wall decoration, serving as a foundational element for fashion designs, sportswear, housewares, and a plethora of other remarkable creations throughout Vera's illustrious career. Many of these strike offs bear the marks of Vera and her colleagues, evidencing the meticulous process of refining color and design. This piece poignantly narrates the journey of Vera's original artwork, from sketch to painting, from conceptual design to strike off, and finally to manufacturing. It stands as a testament to a bygone era in the fashion and design industry, preserving a historical technique that is nearly lost in contemporary practices.


This striking strike off titled "Carnival" depicts stylized flora in an array of joyful colors that bring to life the free-flowing forms reminiscent of blooming flowers and cascading ribbons. The central bouquet of white daisies with sunny centers is tied by a green bow, giving a sense of movement and festivity. The playful arrangement against the vivid blue backdrop conveys a sense of a breezy spring day. The orange border neatly encapsulates the composition, offering a piece that's bursting with cheer and the whimsy of a garden in full sway. It's a perfect infusion of charm and spirited energy for any living space.

Vera Neumann - Carnival (Original - 1 of 1)

SKU: 24459 28-617 (B1-11)
  • 30.12 " X 28.12" (sheet) and 35" x 34.88" (frame)

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