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This original, one-of-a-kind, mid-century master silkscreen strike off, crafted by Vera Neumann in collaboration with designers and artists such as Perry Ellis and Walter Erhard, embodies a narrative-rich artwork. It transcends the traditional role of art as a mere wall decoration, serving as a foundational element for fashion designs, sportswear, housewares, and a plethora of other remarkable creations throughout Vera's illustrious career. Many of these strike offs bear the marks of Vera and her colleagues, evidencing the meticulous process of refining color and design. This piece poignantly narrates the journey of Vera's original artwork, from sketch to painting, from conceptual design to strike off, and finally to manufacturing. It stands as a testament to a bygone era in the fashion and design industry, preserving a historical technique that is nearly lost in contemporary practices.


"Fish School" is a charming strike off that presents a trio of stylized fish, each adorned with unique patterns, swimming against a gradient of warm oranges and reds. The simple outlines of the fish are reminiscent of ancient cave drawings or classic woodblock prints, imparting a timeless, folkloric quality to the piece. The use of a singular color for the illustrations creates a striking contrast against the background, while the intentional imperfections in the overlying paintwork add texture and a handcrafted feel. This artwork evokes the natural rhythm and harmony of aquatic life, perfect for adding a touch of whimsical marine-inspired artistry to any space.

Vera Neumann - Fish School (Original: 1 of 1)

SKU: 24474 28-684 (B1-23)
  • 28" x 30" (exact measurements provided in photo)

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