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This vibrant piece showcases a cluster of orchids bursting with life, their sunny yellow petals opening wide to reveal rich, chocolate-brown centers. The blooms are set against a lush backdrop of verdant foliage, with leaves rendered in broad strokes of green that suggest light filtering through a canopy. The lively, almost spontaneous strokes give the painting a feeling of movement and wildness, as if a gentle breeze were rustling through the leaves and petals. This artwork is a celebration of tropical splendor, a burst of natural color and energy that can brighten any space.


Vera Neumann's floral watercolor and collage original art is a celebration of nature's beauty, rendered in her signature style. Known for her vibrant color palette and bold, graphic designs, Vera's floral pieces are no exception. Each flower is meticulously depicted with a delicate yet confident hand, capturing the essence of the blooms in a way that feels both lively and elegant. The use of watercolor adds a softness to the petals and leaves, while the collage elements introduce a tactile quality, inviting the viewer to explore the artwork up close. Vera's floral compositions are a testament to her skill as an artist and her deep appreciation for the natural world.


The majority of Vera's original artwork is unsigned and undated. This absence of her signature is largely due to her original artwork being used in textile and houseware designs, where her trademarked signature was later added. Typically, her original artwork was named after being incorporated into a master strike off. In some instances, the date of the piece was added to the back; however, this date may signify when the artwork was trademarked or presented to a customer. Some of her original pieces include notes on the back, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of The Vera Company.

Vera Paints Orchids

SKU: FL-01654
  • 21" x 22" (sheet) and 28.5" x 28.5" (frame)

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